5 things to know about feng shui hanging mirrors in the living room

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5 things to know about feng shui hanging mirrors in the living room

In feng shui, the mirror is a rather sensitive element. Feng shui hanging mirror in the living room is not arbitrarily designed. Living room mirrors placed in accordance with feng shui can help double wealth, health as well as money. But once placed in the wrong place, it can lead to nuisances and disadvantages for homeowners.

So how to see feng shui hanging mirror in the living room? How to use the mirror subtly, ensure fortune without committing big taboos? Let's find out together with Home Now in this article!
1. Why should see feng shui hanging mirror in the living room?
Since ancient times, mirrors according to the concept of feng shui are inherently associated with many spiritual elements. It is not natural that people are interested in hanging mirrors in the house. Because in fact, in addition to being used to look in the mirror, it has more uses than people think:

Decorative use
The first reason why living room mirrors are often popular when designing home interiors, especially when designing living room interiors, is because of the aesthetics it brings.

Placing a mirror with a suitable design outside the living room will help you "cheat" the area and increase the light for the living space. Mirrors, if used subtly, will contribute to creating depth, effectively expanding space and increasing visual experiences dramatically. Mirrors can turn a tasteless living room wall harmony and vitality.

Uses of feng shui
Mirrors hanging in the living room not only balance the space but also have many feng shui effects. Mirrors with a large area can amplify space and energy, helping to increase the energy in the house.

Mirrors also help regenerate and transform feng shui energy in the home, store and regulate energy, and attract light and prosperity the house.

Feng Shui hanging a good living room mirror will help:

Homeowner's life has a lot of luck
Puppy, grandchild
Favorable job promotion
Wealth, prosperity and abundance
Life is comfortable, affluent, money flows
Successful children
However, when hanging the wrong mirror can lead to many bad consequences. Including such as:

Loss of wealth and money
Can't accumulate good vitality
Business failed, not smooth
Married life has many problems
Children disagree
Children do not succeed, study, and career do not reach their destination
Have a lot of bad luck
Easy to get sick, constantly sick

2. How to choose a feng shui direction to hang a mirror in the living room?

Feng shui hanging mirror in the living room is essentially hanging the mirror in the living room in the right direction and in the right position to avoid damage to fortune.

Normally, in order to maximize the gain of the mirror, people often place the mirror in the following directions:

Southeast direction: According to feng shui, hang a mirror in the living room, this direction will help you have abundant money and prosper in business
North direction: Mirror hanging in this direction will help the road to be successful, career development
East direction: Improves health, is always cheerful and cheerful, and is in high spirits
However, people often avoid having the mirror facing South because this direction symbolizes the Fire (fire) nature, which will be contrasted with the Water (water) nature of the mirror. Water and Fire are incompatible with each other often not bringing luck.

3. Feng shui rules for hanging mirrors in the living room

Where should the mirror be placed?
Mirrors near the window: Mirrors near the window will help catch reflections the outside the house, making your living room space closer to nature and cooler. At the same time, the mirror hanging near the window also helps to circulate air and regenerate positive energy. However, you also need to note that the window must be closed, to avoid closing it at night, which can reflect something else outside, which will create a bad illusion for family members.

In addition to the position near the window, you can also consider placing a mirror opposite the table and chairs or the wall behind the living room sofa. According to feng shui experts, this way of placing a mirror in the living room will bring warmth and fullness to the homeowner. However, you also need to consider the height of the mirror to ensure it can reflect in case there is a need to mirror.

For a small living room, you can consider placing a mirror right on the main door wall or using a rectangular mirror running along the length of the wall to save space and make the room feel larger. If you place a mirror at the door, you should place it to the right to increase aesthetics and correct feng shui.

Besides, no matter where the mirror is placed, you also need to pay attention not to place the mirror too high or too low, so it should be placed in a place where it is easy to see and avoid obstacles. Normally, a large mirror should be placed 50 - 60 centimeters the floor, a hanging mirror should be placed horizontally with the height of the person looking the chest up.

How to choose the right mirror for the living room?
Large decorative mirror:

This type of mirror is used quite a lot when decorating the living room. Will the use of this mirror help?

The room becomes more spacious and harmonious, especially suitable for small living rooms.

Large mirrors are usually positioned by mounting directly on the wall and are usually hung on the largest wall in the living room. Avoid hanging on the wall opposite the main door because it can cause fortune and good energy to be pushed back out.

Medium size decorative mirror:

This type of mirror is often suitable for small and medium living room spaces, be it an apartment house or a townhouse. This mirror both makes the space appear larger, while bringing an airy and luxurious feeling to the room.
The taboo in feng shui to hang a mirror in the living room

According to the concept of feng shui, the mirror hanging in the living room does not have to be placed on a star. Here are some great things in feng shui to hang mirrors in the living room you should avoid.

Do not place a mirror opposite a window or door

Mirrors are reflective. If you place a mirror opposite the door, it will make good qi flow, fortune is pushed back out, money is lost, and relationships in the house are prone to conflicts.

If the mirror is facing the door, you better design it slightly to avoid the above taboo.

Do not place a mirror opposite the lobby or hallway

According to feng shui hanging mirror in the living room, it is absolutely not advisable to hang a mirror opposite the lobby or hallway. This can cause the family's energy to be scattered, not focused and can be pushed out, even affecting the health of the homeowner.

Instead, you can hang a few landscape pictures, or paint the walls with eye-catching textures will be better.

Do not place a mirror opposite the kitchen

The kitchen represents Fire (fire) while the mirror represents Water (water). Water against fire symbolizes turbulence, easy to cause family conflicts.

In terms of reflection angle, the mirror pointing towards the fire will double the kitchen fire, making it difficult to control.

Mirrors should not be placed near study tables or desks

Placing a mirror near a desk or desk according to feng shui does not affect too much, but it should be limited because it is easy to distract people sitting at the table, reducing work productivity.

Do not place the mirror directly on the bed

In feng shui, it is said that any light should not be allowed to shine on the bed while sleeping because it is easy to cause insecurity and hallucinations for the person lying down.

Do not put the reflector in the bath or toilet

In addition to causing inconvenience, the mirror hanging opposite the bathtub or toilet also makes the energy source easier to go out instead of circulating.

Don't put a mirror at the bottom of the stairs

A mirror placed at the foot of the stairs symbolizes the break. Therefore, you should not place the mirror in this position at all.

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