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Undeniably, interior decoration, creating luxurious living space is an essential trend, creating the soul for each of our homes, not only taking care of the living room, especially the space in the dining room, sleeping and bathrooms are just as important, so more and more consumers are interested in choosing high-end appliances that adorn the luxury of the home. Grasping this trend, today's furniture market is increasingly advanced and luxurious, so it accounts for a small percentage.


NAVADO VIETNAM CO., LTD. Right from inception, our company has continuously improved to improve the organizational structure as well as the quality of product services. With the enthusiastic support of partner companies, suppliers as well as the cooperation of the customer system, now NAVADO VIETNAM CO., LTD has and will become one of the leading companies in design high-quality decorative glass mirror design with wide dealer network. Distributing in Hanoi, Saigon, Da Nang, and other provinces throughout the country. Art mirror products Navado - Dantalux-Mirox are imported from Europe, Indonesia. , design that product quality is also firmly affirmed, the appreciation of dealers and consumers overtime at reasonable prices.

 NAVADO VIETNAM CO., LTD  with young, dynamic, enthusiastic staff, rich knowledge and business experience in addition to understanding the market and industry, we committed to give our customers the most professional service style that is unique. Coming to our company, customers not only can choose the best products and services, we would like to consult wholeheartedly and have special programs, perfect warranty care as well as the service for customers who prefer to Navado products.

On the following plan, NAVADO VIETNAM CO., LTD will expand its scale, diversify its business activities as well as its products. With the motto "Navado's products - your level", we hope your satisfaction is the most accurate and objective measure of our business performance, bringing trust and creating a sustainable value for Navado's products.

The company's products have been exported to many markets in the Middle East, India, South America, and Southeast Asia. With export, the company always follow the most perfection, bringing the best image to international customers with the motto "Customer satisfaction is a measure of the success of the business" !!!


Factory's address : Navado Industrial Park – Hiep Thuan –Phuc Tho - Ha Noi
Ha Noi:

  • No. 5/33/100 ( Nghia Đo Street) Hoang Quoc Viet - Ha Noi. - HOTLINE: 0961 430 111
  • No.21 adjacent 27 - KDDT Van Phu - Ha Dong. - HOTLINE: 0983 468 811

TPHCM:  No 50 - 45 Street - 14 ward - Go Vap District - HCM City

Đà Nẵng: No.164 Lê Đại Hành - Hòa Thọ Đông Ward - Cẩm Lệ - Đà Nẵng. HOLINE: 0842 667 111

Website: http://navado.co

Email: Navado.vietnam@gmail.com

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