How did the development of architectural decoration develop in Vietnam?

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How did the development of architectural decoration develop in Vietnam?
The development of mirror art in Viet Nam as well as the establishing of Navdo to meet the demand of market

How did the development of architectural decoration develop in Vietnam?

Architecture is the art of creating space, living environment for humans. a specific structure such as housing, theater, museums, parks... To the planning of a residential point, a municipality, a city or a territory... The art of architecture is associated with the development history of humanity since the crimson rose lives in the "stone hut" until the modern era of civilization. Over thousands of years of development, the art of decorative architecture has been extremely developed. Architect Le Corbusier, the Great Tree of the 20th-century architecture once said: "The main mirror is 1 object that opens the gaps in your home architecture. The architect will be the one who draws up those spaces. " Victo Hugo, the great writer of the French: "Architecture is a poem written in stone". He also said, "architecture is the most honest mirror reflecting the era".


So mirror art is the result of this development?

About 15 years ago, accompanied by the development of all sides science and technology, education, economics,.... decorative culture architecture also gradually changed 1 way more subtle. As the demand for food, clothing has no longer been the worry of every home, they gradually have a higher desire and here is the decoration of the house, decorating their house 1 more beautiful than not just to give a sense of comfort Each home, but also the way to express the personality, the caste of the owner. And a few but the way to decorate decorative products, collages, frescoes,... The art mirror in Vietnam market emerged as 1 decorative item that is simple, sophisticated, class that is extremely effective.

The choice of art mirrors when it is really difficult by consumers do not know whether to place trust in the cabinet producers or accept the price after high import tax to buy about the products imported Europe. When it was at the time of 2004, the offer Agreement on tariffs with European countries as well as countries with large art producers in the United States, Australia not yet by Vietnam is still in the process of negotiating the global trade Organization Wto. Tariff barriers, import procedures for the product are extremely new, mirror art brings countless difficulties for domestic distributors as well as demanding customers. But these difficulties are the signs that show the enormous potential of the mirror art industry in Vietnam. Will anyone who finds the key to these questions, whether to accept import or domestic production with 1 quality, is not recognized by the international community?


In the midst of the difficulties, Navado CO., LTD emerged but the first 1 pioneer manufacturer answered the difficult questions. With an innovative way, intelligent, the products of the company Navado bring customers the products meet international standards that have 1 cost extremely reasonable. We do this as the company directly imports the raw material of the group mirrors AGC-Belgium instead of importing products at high price. After the import of a rough mirror, with the production process closed, synchronized, machinery imported EUROPE, with skilled-workers, the mirror products with extremely high quality are producing the products with all shapes met Each customer's needs. Boasting more than 10 years of artistic mirror production experience, Navado CO., LTD. Always strives for excellence in all stages caring, advising customers to installation of transportation. With the development vision not only continues to master the market of Vietnam, Navado CO., LTD. has been reaching the international market with the mission of bringing the most amazing art mirrors to the market.


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