The rules to use decorative mirrors for interior design

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The rules to use decorative mirrors for interior design

In interior design, the mirror is not only an item used to examine and repair, but also a decoration. Using mirrors in a smart way will make your home space bigger, brighter and get desired energy your home. When using mirrors in houses, we also need to ensure the feng shui element because it affects the health of family members.

1. Mirror direction in interior design

Mirrors should be placed in the Southeast, East and North directions because according to feng shui theory, arranging mirrors in the Southeast direction will  help homeowners thrive while the North direction will help homeowners have a favorable career path.

The mirror should not be arranged in the South direction because it will interact with fire, the mirror is considered an element of water that water will be incompatible with fire.

2. Mirror for living room decoration

Decorative mirror wall in the living room helps to expand the space, making the space more spacious and airy, eliminating the limitation of area. Interior design of apartments and houses often uses a combination of mirrors behind the sofa.

In the living room, the owner should not hang the mirror in the position oppositing the window or door. In case the mirror shines on the window, and behind the window is the image of a landfill or the road that goes straight into the house... then you can use curtains or blinds to neutralize the weapon that prevents wealth from entering your home.

But if the outside is a beautiful space like green trees, gentle rivers and lakes... then there's nothing to worry about. The pure energy of nature is doubled and enters the home, bringing sustainable wealth to the family and upholding harmonious relationships.

3. Mirrors to decorate the dining room.

Placing a mirror in the dining room can improve the flow of yang, the mirror has a very good effect on family members when gathering together.

In the kitchen, the mirror reflecting on the dining table doubles the amount of food, bringing the meaning of wealth and abundance, arousing the whole family's interest in eating, and increasing coziness and happiness in the family.

However, when hanging mirrors in the kitchen, dining room should avoid letting the mirror shine into the trash can or the stove. Because these are unclean locations, if the mirror shines in, it will double the hidden gas in your home, directly affecting everyone's health.

Similarly, gas stoves, infrared stoves should not be reflected in the mirror, it is easy to double the fire, cause a sudden fire, and harm the life and property of the whole family.

4. Decorative mirror in the bedroom

Placing a wardrobe with an additional mirror on the cabinet door in apartment design, townhouse design or shop-showroom design, is one of the effective ways to expand space for a small area. The mirror on the cabinet door will create depth for the bedroom space. Moreover, the mirror has the ability to reflect, making the light of the lamp spread throughout the space.

With this layout will make your small bedroom space become more spacious. This is also one of the secrets to expanding the space that many people apply to life.

You should cover or close the mirror before going to bed, especially never hang the mirror on the ceiling. Should choose tables with two-wing mirrors will be good in terms of feng shui. You can close them when you don't need the mirror. For this type of dressing table, no matter where it is placed, it will not shine on the head of the bed, pulse with the door.

However, it is forbidden to shine a mirror directly on the bed because according to feng shui theory, that will seriously affect the sleep of the homeowner. At the same time, it may lead to discord in the husband and wife relationship, causing them to often quarrel and argue. Besides, feng shui masters say that negative energy will be generated when the mirror directly reflects the image of the bed. Just like a mirror, a computer, TV screen, or glass picture shining directly on the bed is also not good.

Do not place a mirror at the head of the bed. In addition to the fact that a mirror feels heavy on your nightstand, a mirror is constantly receiving and transmitting a lot of energy. Placing a mirror at the head of the bed is easy to create a feeling of dreaming, not sleeping deeply, and easily encountering the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and fear.

Place the mirror should not face the desk. If you place mirrors in positions that reflect your workplace or reflect your home desk, it may not be able to make your career grow. Besides, the mirror must always be cleaned, should not use cracked mirrors, old mirrors and mirrors that cause distortion.

Pay attention to placing the mirror in a place where it can reflect funny images, this will be very beneficial for increasing good energy in the room. Mirrors can be placed in relatively dark places to help brighten these places.

Homeowners should place a mirror opposite the window because the mirror will reflect the natural beauty outside. Moreover, placing the mirror in the right position will help circulate indoor air and energy easily.

For a bedroom with a toilet, the mirror should not shine directly on the toilet door because according to the concept of feng shui, the mirror will spread unclean gas to the outside which is not beneficial. In addition, one more thing you should pay attention to is the mirror corresponding to Hanh Kim, so you need to pay attention to the destiny of your husband and wife.

5. Mirror in the bathroom

Bathroom mirrors are clearly essential and also a good feng shui sign. You should place the mirror in the bathroom as large as possible to reflect more light.

Hanging a mirror in the bathroom also needs to be taken care of by the owner to improve the health of the whole family. We all know that, when taking a shower, the mirror not only helps you quickly detect abnormal expressions on your skin and body, but looking at the mirror also feels relaxing for you. Mentally relaxed, all sorrowful emotions gone, of course your health is also more secure, you don't have to worry too much about troubles anymore.

Therefore, hang mirrors in a position opposite the shower or bath to make you feel more comfortable. However, avoid letting the mirror shine directly into the toilet because no one wants to double the uncleanness and waste, which is both unsightly and adversely affects health.

6. Places where mirrors should not be placed

Locations such as hallways and hallways are places where you absolutely should not place or hang mirrors. Because if you hang mirrors in these positions, it will violate feng shui, causing the energy sources to be bounced back out and not good for the health of the home owner.

Placing a mirror opposite the stairs is a bad omen, which can cause disagreements and quarrels among family members.

7. Many mirrors on the wall

Your living room will look better and attract more energy if you hang different types of mirrors. Hanging lots of mirrors is also a good feng shui sign. Please hang the mirror at a reasonable height so that the mirror can reflect light better. However, do not use a mirror that is not healthy and do not use a mirror that is less than the height of the tallest member of the family.

Do not hang two mirrors facing each other because that will cause light rays to reflect each other, which is not conducive to energy gathering and regulation in the house. Letting mirrors reflect each other creates chaotic energy flows, so this is not a good feng shui sign in any home.

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