Taboo positions when placing mirrors in the bedroom

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Taboo positions when placing mirrors in the bedroom

Mirror is considered an extremely significant item, having a certain influence on the feng shui of a house, especially the position of the mirror in the bedroom is quite important . If hanging in an inappropriate position, it is easy to violate the taboos in feng shui.

From a feng shui perspective, a mirror is a pure sound, very cold, so there are many taboos when displaying it. According to science, the mirror is made up of silver and sodium metal, these substances create negative energy that will directly affect people.

Many people rigidly believe that having to remove the mirror completely from the bedroom because it is a taboo. However, there are also many people who think that it is not necessary to comply with that. Because a mirror is a necessary item, as long as the mirror is arranged in the right position and state, there will be no serious problem.

Put a mirror in the bedroom so that it is correct feng shui

The best place to place the mirror in the bedroom is where it can reflect happy images, to increase prosperity in the room, which will be very beneficial for increasing good energy in the room. Because the mirror has a double meaning, placing the mirror in front of the symbols of abundance will bring a lot of luck and fortune.

The best direction in the bedroom to place the mirror is Southeast, North and East. Because according to feng shui theory, placing a mirror in the East direction will help improve health, placing a mirror in the Southeast direction will help you do business successfully, placing it in the North will help you have a favorable career path.

In case you have just entered the bedroom and have to face the wall, you should hang a mirror on the wall to improve the narrow space. Mirrors have the effect of increasing the area and creating more light for the living space, bringing an open look to the homeowner. Mirrors can be placed in relatively dark places, to help brighten these places.

Places where mirrors should not be placed in the bedroom

Mirror in the room door: put the mirror in the bedroom door, it may cause inconvenience because other people can see your activity in the room. Just opening the door to the room and seeing the mirror will make many people startle, have negative feelings, and feel frustrated.

Mirror on the bed: a mirror placed at the head of the bed or opposite the bed, the reflection of the mirror can make people feel insecure. It affects a lot mentally, causes anxiety and is most easily paranoid or feels like someone is watching. According to feng shui, the mirror in the room reflects the owner's bed, especially if there is a mirror at the head of the bed, the couple often has problems, discord, even the appearance of a third person.

Mirrors reflect on the reading table or desk: this is easy to distract and distract people reading or working. According to feng shui, if you put the mirror in the position that reflects the desk, it will probably make your career not develop.

Mirror direct to the window: place the mirror opposite the window, this will cause the effect of reflecting light directly outside, long-term will have an uncomfortable feeling, creating bad energy that is easy to feel upset.

Mirrors direct to each other: placing two mirrors opposite each other will cause light rays to reflect each other, which is not conducive to regulating and gathering energy in the bedroom.


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