Moirai living room mirror hanging

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Highlights of Moirai living room mirror hanging

Moirai living room mirror hanging

The Moirai living room mirror is one of the newest models at Navado. The living room is the place where homeowners use to welcome guests to play, so the interior decoration of the living room is very important. Using mirrors to decorate the living room is one of the smart ideas that many architects and interior designers are applying.

Living room models for modern home 
Bathroom leather strap hanging mirror - new interior decoration trend


Moirai decorate mirror

Moirai mirror makes the living room more attractive

Moirai mirror is designed in a classic style mixed with contemporary elements. The details and lines on the mirror are carefully and detailed. With silver color, the mirror not only brings novelty to the house space but also shows the aesthetic eye and elegance of the homeowner.

Moirai living room mirror is handcrafted very sophisticatedly, with classical motifs.

Mirror dimensions 120 x 90 x 6cm, weighing only 6.5 kg,

Imported Indonesian mirror (AGC), white color

All are hand-made hand-grafted, so it will be a decoration for the living room, the bedroom is more authoritative, warm, steadfast and faithful.

Using the Moirai mirror that can be easily hung anywhere with the fastening screw. Decorative mirrors for the beautiful room are meticulously and handcrafted by Navado artisans, so using decorative mirrors will give a clear, sharp, deep-looking image with high quality and durability.

In addition, the company Navado also designs according to the size requirements for customers to suit the design space of each room, to meet all of your needs.

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