The Neoclassical Sunflower Living Room Mirror

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The Neoclassical Sunflower Living Room Mirror


If you want to make your living room more elegant and luxury,  Navado introduce the lastest product The Neoclassical Sunflower Living Room


As you know the neoclassical works always appear in age-old buildings as a symbol expressing the wealth and power. Nowadays, the neoclassical become one of the most popular style in modern interior design because it brings to ancient and luxury feelings.


The Neoclassical Sunflower Living Room Mirror
is made of the best material AGC mirror Belgium promising to bring the wonderful image and light for you. Designed by qualified artisan of Vietnam, each detail is polish and smooth carefully and skillfully. Around the mirror is the golden pattern which cast a light as a sun in your living room, will be the most catching-eyes item in space. 

The Neoclassical Sunflower Living Room Mirror is the signature of this style inspired of the sunflower. In the mythology, Sunflower also symbolize worship and faithfulness in various religion because of their resemblance to the sun, which is associated with spiritual knowledge and the desire to seek light and truth. 

In the night, The Neoclassical Sunflower Living Room Mirror reflects the light in space which brighten up your room and bring to space cosy and luxury.

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Price range 100$ - 500$

Packaging: The mirrors will be packed in plastic bags, foams, and 5-layer cartons or wooden boxes if required

Delivery: 7-30 days after payment in advance, depending on quantity

Payment term: TT or LC is acceptable



1. Are you a manufacturer? 
Yes, we are a direct manufacturer, so our price is competitive
2. Are your samples free or need cost?
Actually, it depends on the products. For low-value products, we will provide free samples and freight collection. But for some high-value samples, it needs sample cost and freight cost. Please confirm that all sample costs can be refunded after the order is placed. 
3. How can I get a sample to check your quality?

After the price is confirmed, you can require for sample to check our quality. In case the sample is free, it will be sent out right after that and you will pay the freight cost by using your account. If not, you should prepay the freight before the sample is delivered. In other cases, you should transfer the total value of the sample and freight via PayPal, western, and then the sample will be sent out
4. Can you do the designs for us?
Yes! Customer design is warmly welcomed.
5. How long can I expect to get the sample?
It will be ready in 7-15 days. The sample will be sent to you by express, you can use our own express account or prepay for us if you don't have an account.
6. Is the MOQ negotiable? 
Yes, MOQ is negotiable, while the unit price differs according to the order quantity.
7. How long is the lead time?
Lead time depends on the order quantity. Normally 7-30 days and in special cases 40-50 days in sales peak season. Please contact us for details.
8. Can I arrange a third-party inspection? 
Yes, we welcome QC customers and third-party inspection.
9. What are your main markets? 
Europe, North America, Australia, etc.

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