Unique living room collage mirror

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Highlights of Unique living room collage mirror

Unique living room collage mirror

Nowadays, the use of mirror art is quite popular in modern families for the purpose of decoration and highlighting the space. The mirrors help fill the gaps on the walls to add elegance to the space. Nowadays, you can easily see art mirror in many different spaces in the house, especially the living room.


Art wall decorate mirror

Mirror art is made up of many mirrors of the same size and design, creating perfection. Normally, the mirror's designs are mathematical shapes such as triangles, squares, pentagons, ... creating a special and unique product.

The mirror is designed according to the preferences and installation area, so homeowners can freely choose and create the mirror's design to suit the home space. Using a mirror in the living room reflects natural light for the whole space, creating a feeling that the room is expanding and more impressive.

Product size: crafted by size

Origin: mirror (AGC) indonesia

Weight: 2.5kg

Installation: Wall mounted

Base: wall stickers

Description: Hand-assembled hand grinding mirror

Main color: White

Common areas: bathroom, dining room, bedroom, living room

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