Sunset wall mirror with gold border

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Highlights of Sunset wall mirror with gold border

Sunset wall mirror with gold border

Sunset wall mirror with gold border. In the palette, yellow is the lightest color of the spectrum. Yellow attracts more of our attention than any other. In life the yellow color represents happiness, sunshine and warmth. In interior decoration, yellow is also the color of yellow rice, representing wealth, prosperity, prosperity, success, not only that, but also means bringing fresh energy, yellow is also the color of the rice. Yellow is the color of the king in many religions.

Sunset wall mirror is designed with luxurious gold trim. Mirrors simulate images of the sun with patterns such as sunshine, yellow, bringing energy, light and heat to the places where it is present. This stylized sun mirror does not have any lights attached. But its color and strikingly contiguous appearance really brightened the space.


Gold Sunet mirror

Technical parameters:

Product size: 800 800 20mm

Origin: mirror (AGC) indonesia

Weight: 5.5kg

Installation: Wall mounted

Base plate: 40cm

Description: Hand-assembled hand grinding mirror

Main color: Yellow - white

Common areas: living room, dining room, bedroom, dressing table

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