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Neoclassical mirror is preferred by its beauty that has a mysterious, luxurious, modern and classic direction. Any room with any style will become more beautiful when decorated with neoclassical mirrors. Decorative mirror Aten (Sliver) is also one of the most loved models today.

With both classic and modern directions, Aten (silver) mirror makes it appear with a very splendid and magnificent appearance. Surrounding the middle mirror are straight lines with different lengths, making the mirror very impressive, beautiful and harmonious. The silver color of the mirror frame represents the elegance and nobility of the mirror as well as the space it belongs to.


As a product of Navado, the mirror material is imported Belgian mirror embryo. As a high quality material, the quality of the mirror is also qualified, the durability is always guaranteed the best.

The mirror is named after the god of the sky with the power to spread light. That is why many people believe that meaningful mirror is a symbol of strength and morning light. The yellow lines around the main mirror represent the rays of morning sunlight illuminating the world, hanging the mirror is a strong expression of the owner's authority. When the sun shines on, the mirror frame sparkles as if it is truly shining. Being the product of wisdom, creativity and meticulousness, Aten mirrors are always one of the best-selling products at Navado.

With its splendid appearance, in any space, Aten neoclassical mirror also shows its own beauty. If you hang the living room, it will create a strong impression on the guests to the house, the mirror shows the level as well as the personal card of the host. If it is hung in a hallway, a mirror is a highlight for an empty wall.

If you love and want to buy decorative Aten (Sliver) mirrors, come to Navado - a unit specializing in providing mirror products of all kinds and the quality of products verified by many customers.

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