Mermaid living room mirror

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Highlights of Mermaid living room mirror

Mermaid living room mirror

Memaid living room mirror is a mirror used for the main purpose of interior decoration; Create a distinctive highlight for the space and express the homeowner's individuality. With the desire to bring unique designs, show high aesthetics and highlight the unique style of each room. Navado has come up with mirror art designs with many beautiful - unique - strange designs, convincing the aesthetics of many customers.'

Memaid living room mirror uses white tone as the main color tone. With size 900 1500 30mm, weight 15.5kg; It is suitable for decoration in the lobby and living room. Memaid mirror pattern, is the combination of overall oval mirrors with many different sizes and sizes, creating a unique feature of the art of arrangement with reasonable opening and closing lines. This is a mirror model that is designed, manufactured to order of the customer to best suit the size of the mirror and the decorative space. Memaid living room model both lighten the room and decorate the room space, fill the gaps in the room and highlight the homeowner's own artistic style.


Luxury art Mermiad decorate mirror

Memaid living room mirror model is made imported Belgian mirror embryo, with transparency - high brightness, resistance to stains - effective mold. The mirror products of Navado Vietnam Co., Ltd. are all high-quality products made the most modern materials and production technologies today, so they are easy to clean and very resistant to dust. good. Memaid living room mirror products are hand-grinded skillful craftsmen with high skills to create a smoothness in each mirror contour, ensuring absolute safety for users. The product shows the creativity and artistry of the owner.The mirror products of Navado Vietnam Co., Ltd are all delivered and installed free of charge in Hanoi, with professional warranty policy. warranty period up to 24 months.

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