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20 reasons to buy gold gold living room wall decorative mirrors
     Why do customers buy gold art decorative mirrors at Navado
- You do not need to import to still have genuine mirrors - Because Navado is an official distributor in Vietnam.

- You do not need a processing factory, you still have good products with good prices - Because we have a team of skilled staff, the sharpening product is the best

- You do not need to hire your own designs - Because we have a professional design team to create the best design.

- You do not need shipping or installation services - Because our team of leading ship fitting services in Vietnam is most well trained.

- You do not need warranty for customers anywhere - Because we have branches nationwide and a 2-year warranty on all products of the company.

- You can identify the company's brand in your locality or any locality we serve


Luxury gold miror for living room

The production process of living room wall decorative mirrors is gold and gold
- Mirrors are drawn on the drawing and brought to the manual cutting workshop by hand

- The simple or complex grinding method, the straight line grinding is different the curve grinding or the machine grinding, the grinding by hand will be different.

- The mirror is finished grinding until the assembly process is formed as shown in the drawing

- Mirror cleaning: depends a lot on people because when going through the washing and drying machine, the checking stage is quite careful without any scratches or dirt on the mirror.

- Applying the edge is the stage after cleaning, the mirror is smeared by the workers to create a covering that runs around the mirror, protecting the cut and grinding the environment eating the mirror.

- Canning is a fairly careful step because the specialty of hand-mirroring is to break the product. And properly packing foam and bags ensures the worker is well aware.

- Finally stitch finished products warehouse and deliver plan to customers.

luxury-gold-miror-for-livig room

Luxury gold living room miror

The reason why customers order high quality glass at Navado
1. Customers can buy genuine AGC mirrors suppliers representative in Vietnam.

2. Customers can order the size suitable for each room in their house, especially the sanitary ware rooms with different designs. Therefore, when fitting nicely and nicely, they must cut the mirror size according to the new design. comprehensive beauty. Often cut mirrors according to stone tables, or beautifully designed lavabo tables.

3. Customers in big cities such as Hanoi, Da Nang, and Saigon are surveyed, designed and installed as desired by the company.

4. Customers are carefully designed and machined by navado company specializing in mirror making, so the way making and grinding lines has been highly specialized, so it's very beautiful and durable.

5. Customers are allowed to choose different hours of house mirror construction, so the company's service is very attentive.

6. Customers are warranted for 2 years for the mirror types we manufacture lampless mirrors to led mirrors, because very few companies can guarantee such long LEDs.

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