Phale makeup hanging mirror

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Highlights of Phale makeup hanging mirror

Phale makeup hanging mirror

Phale not only symbolizes a beautiful love, but it also symbolizes success in business. Therefore, crystal is chosen as a gift to express everyone's wishes and wishes. A Phale makeup mirror for women will be a connection bridge, expressing the love of men and women for their women.
Phale vanity mirror - as the name implies, a delicate but hidden beauty is pure and enduring beauty.


Phale luxury makeup mirror

Features of Phale makeup mirror:

Mirror size 700 x700x 50mm, can order according to size
Belgium embryo mirror material is 5 li thick, silver coated 8 layers Mirrors are crafted entirely by hand by the most experienced artisans at Navado
Mirrors bring modern and youthful style.
Benefits of hanging Phale makeup:

With a makeup mirror, the benefit of the mirror is the most important, the Belgian embryo mirror is the most advanced mirror embryo in Vietnam today. This is a mirror embryo that does not fade, does not stain, illuminates very clear and bright, true image.
The phale mirror has a unique design with the frame border creating a sense of depth and transparency like crystal, helping to expand the space and become more attractive.
In addition, the Phale mirror also has feng-shui meaning, brings health, wealth and procession of luck to the owner.

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