Hexagonal mirror with 70cm leather strap

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Highlights of Hexagonal mirror with 70cm leather strap

Hexagonal mirror for leather strap

Hexagonal mirror for leather strap - Hexagon is very popular in today's life. And there are many interesting ways to incorporate them interior design, architecture that we don't even notice.

The highlight in this beautiful room interior design is the use of hexagonal motifs to decorate the ceiling and walls, this decoration has made the interior space extremely impressive, luxurious and extremely unique


Hexagon leather trap decorate mirror

Hexagonal leather strap is one of the unique decorative items for the house and is a model that many architects as well as homeowners are prioritizing for their home space.

Features of hexagonal mirror hanging 70cm leather strap
Mirror dimensions: 700 x 700 x 20 cm, black leather rim frame
Material: imported Belgian standard billet mirror, 5 li thick, 8-layer silver coated, the product has CO / CQ.
Unique design, strong, for those who love personality, strong.
Mirrors are installed according to the needs of the customer, you can hang chains, ropes or cordless
The mirror is suitable for all positions in the house, such as dressing room bedrooms, bathrooms, ...
Navado Vietnam Co., Ltd. is one of the leading units in the production and distribution of Belgian mirror products. At Navado, we have thousands of models with many different styles and sizes for every position in the house.

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