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Aten decorative mirrors

Neoclassical mirrors are being favored by the beauty of its choice as a mysterious, luxurious, modern and classic. Any room with any style becomes more beautiful when decorated by neoclassical mirrors. Aten (Sliver) decorative mirrors are also one of the most popular and favorite models of today.

Bringing a bit of classic and modern direction, Aten (silver) mirror makes it appear with very splendid and magnificent appearance. Surrounding the central mirror in the middle is straight lines with different lengths, making the mirror very impressive, beautiful and harmonious.The silver color of the mirror frame shows the elegance and nobility of the mirror as well as the space it belongs to.

As a product of Navado, the mirror material is imported Belgian mirror. As a high-quality material, the quality of the mirror is also standard, durability is always guaranteed the best.

Mirrors are named after the sky god with the power to spread light. That is why many people think that a mirror is a symbol of strength and sunshine.The yellow lines around the main mirror represent the morning rays illuminating the world, hanging the mirror is a strong and strong expression of the owner.When the sun shines, the mirror frame shines as if it really shines.A product of intellect, creativity and meticulousness, the Aten mirror has always been one of the best selling products at Navado.

With its splendid appearance, in any space, Aten neoclassical mirror also shows its own beauty. If hanging the living room will create a strong impression for guests coming to the house, the mirror proves the level and personal style of the host. If hanging in a corridor, a mirror is the highlight for an empty wall.

If you love and want to buy Aten decorative mirror (Sliver), please come to Navado - a unit specializing in providing mirror products of all kinds and the quality of the product is verified by many customers.

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Packaging: The mirrors will be packed in plastic bags, foams, and 5-layer cartons or wooden boxes if required

Delivery: 7-30 days after payment in advance, depending on quantity

Payment term: TT or LC is acceptable



1. Are you a manufacturer? 
Yes, we are a direct manufacturer, so our price is competitive
2. Are your samples free or need cost?
Actually, it depends on the products. For low-value products, we will provide free samples and freight collection. But for some high-value samples, it needs sample cost and freight cost. Please confirm that all sample costs can be refunded after the order is placed. 
3. How can I get a sample to check your quality?

After the price is confirmed, you can require for sample to check our quality. In case the sample is free, it will be sent out right after that and you will pay the freight cost by using your account. If not, you should prepay the freight before the sample is delivered. In other cases, you should transfer the total value of the sample and freight via PayPal, western, and then the sample will be sent out
4. Can you do the designs for us?
Yes! Customer design is warmly welcomed.
5. How long can I expect to get the sample?
It will be ready in 7-15 days. The sample will be sent to you by express, you can use our own express account or prepay for us if you don't have an account.
6. Is the MOQ negotiable? 
Yes, MOQ is negotiable, while the unit price differs according to the order quantity.
7. How long is the lead time?
Lead time depends on the order quantity. Normally 7-30 days and in special cases 40-50 days in sales peak season. Please contact us for details.
8. Can I arrange a third-party inspection? 
Yes, we welcome QC customers and third-party inspection.
9. What are your main markets? 
Europe, North America, Australia, etc.

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