Sophia white living room mirror

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Sophia white living room mirror

Sophia white living room mirror. Years ago, in the living room, homeowners often chose large mirrors to show the magnificence and elegance of the apartment. However, in recent years, the trend of silk choosing large mirrors is gradually replaced by large glass walls to take in light and expand the external space. Decorative mirrors in the living room are also replaced by small, beautiful mirrors that favor the decorative trend, combined with the display with some other furniture.


White Sophia decorate house

The Sophia white living room mirror is capable of capturing and reflecting images, so the mirror is a useful tool to expand the narrow spaces, increase the area and create more light for the living space. A mirror in the living roomophia will help double the space, creating high visual efficiency.

Sophia mirror is a product of Navado Vietnam Co., Ltd. Mirrors are designed suitable for all positions in the house such as living room, bathroom, dressing table, ... or restaurants, hotels. If the golden Sophia mirror brings a luxurious and classic feeling, the white Sophia white living room mirror brings a youthful, dynamic, suitable for modern design spaces.

Navado specializes in providing decorative mirrors, wall mirrors, art mirrors, ... Navado's mirror products all meet European standards, diverse designs, and always the world's decoration trends. shortest way. Coming to Navado, you will immediately choose the most suitable model for your home space.

NAVADO - The level of a pioneer

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