Modern decorative composite mirror

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Highlights of Modern decorative composite mirror

Modern decorative composite mirror

Interior decoration with glass mirror is a new trend in recent years. Not only using pre-designed mirrors, using modern decorative composite mirrors and expanding interior space is also widely used in villas, apartments or hotels, restaurants, spas. ..

Decorative mirrors are designed based on the installation space and preferences of the homeowner. Unlike the pre-designed mirror models, with composite mirrors, you can freely choose designs and designs suitable for the area.


Art wall decorate mirror

The wall mirror not only serves as everyone's viewfinder but also serves as a highlight for interior space. Mirrors with the ability to reflect real light help create depth for the room, opening up a whole new space for your home. In this design, the small mirrors are stitched together to create an expansive but not monotonous effect.

NAVADO - the leading brand in the design and construction of modern mirror products. Navado mirror products are manufactured imported Belgian mirror embryo to ensure the quality and aesthetics of the product. With a team of experienced designers and constructors, we always bring to customers the most unique and impressive mirror products. In addition, at Navado also produces and mixes decorative mirrors, makeup mirrors, wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors, living room mirrors, ...

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