Hebes Hanging Living Room Mirror

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Highlights of Hebes Hanging Living Room Mirror

HEBES hanging Living room Mirror

Navado introduce the Hebes Hanging Living Room Mirror, a completely new and unique design for the living room.


With a standard demension 1000 x 1000 x 10 mm, the borders are rectangles in various sizes arranged in harmony, interspersed to create a strong impression on the eyes.


Inspired by the image of the rays of the sun, Navado brings a mirror that not only reflects the glow of the room, but also creates a spill effect that makes your living room sparkling and attractive more than ever.

In order to do that, Navado artisans cut by hand every detail high-class Belgian AGC mirror and meticulously to make Hebes Hanging Living Room Mirror.                      

Navado is proud of being a leading manufacturer of unique design of 3D mirrors. Hebes Hanging Living Room Mirror is exactly a perfect highlight for your home.

Navado - your level!



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