Round mirror bathroom Optima 70cm

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Highlights of Round mirror bathroom Optima 70cm

Round mirror bathroom Optima 70cm

Round mirror bathroom Optima 70cm. The bathroom is one of the smallest spaces in almost every home in Vietnam. And the bathroom is indispensable for mirrors so that we can edit, personal hygiene, and can also be a makeup mirror for some people.

The Optima 70cm bathroom mirror is designed with a size of 70x70cm and the thickness of the glass is 40mm. The standard thickness of the mirrors is more sturdy. Putting the Optima mirror in the bathroom not only for personal editing or hygiene, it also makes our bathroom space become more spacious and cool.


Optima decorate bathroom mirror

Today, in the design of the house, bathroom or toilet area, many owners are focusing on no different other rooms in the house. The selection of mirrors to decorate and beautify the space has been noticed by many people. Does the color match the wall? How to choose a mirror to ensure it is always transparent, high-gloss, free flare, and gives you the most realistic image.

Optima bathroom circular mirror helps our bathroom space become wider and cooler. 
Navado is one of the units specializing in manufacturing and setting bathroom mirrors, decorative mirrors, wall mirrors, .... Mirror products at Navado are always ready to meet your needs and preferences. customer. In addition, Navado also designs mirror products according to customer requirements, in order to best serve all customers when coming to Navado's interior.

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