Oval bathroom mirror with gold border

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Highlights of Oval bathroom mirror with gold border

Oval bathroom mirror with gold border

Among bathroom furniture such as a hand wash basin that has a modern and unique feature, the use of bathroom mirrors brings more meaning and interesting features. Just choosing the right mirror and placing it in the right place will make this room more attractive, larger without losing people's focus on other furniture or accessories.


Oval mirror gold boder bathroom mirror

Oval bathroom mirror with gold border is an ideal suggestion for your bathroom. A mirror with an oval design placed in the bathroom space is a way for you to soften the sharp edges of the cube in this space. The diagonal lines of the rectangular cabinet are softer and softer, making the bathroom more luxurious, softer and softer.

Oval gold bathroom mirror is manufactured with the size of 550 800 20mm, the mirror is crafted high quality Belgian mirror embryo that is resistant to oxidizing agents the environment, especially the humid environment wet like the bathroom. The edge of the mirror is painted with gold emulsion to create a unique highlight for the mirror. Mirrors are crafted entirely by hand by Navado artisans. The mirror is suitable for all spaces such as bathroom, dressing table or spas, restaurants, offices, ...


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