Amazon Full-body Mirror

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Amazon Full-body Mirror

Understanding the needs of customers and the desire to bring the latest art trends, Navado company produced a model of high-class Amazon  Full-Body Mirror with the mission of shrinking the world.


The Amazon is the biggest forest in the world that bring green and fresh air for human. With the material imported directly Belgium, the processing is done directly in Vietnam by leading workers that will bring a full-length mirror to the corridor and bring artistic value but still meet the needs of basic mirrors.


Amazon Full-Body Mirror’s border is manipulated in a wavy, delicate way bringing a soft feeling to your home. The size of the mirror is 1600 x 600 x 5mm  that will fit many locations in the hallway of your home.

Atlantic Full-Body Mirror promises to be an art deco that brings elegance and nobility to your home while still meeting feng shui requirements.


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